Pueblo Active Community Environments (P.A.C.E.)

Walking Challenge: Walk 100 Miles in 2015 by St. Patrick’s Day!

Join PACE - Pueblo Active Community Environments - in this NEW challenge to get Puebloans moving!  The challenge is to walk 100 miles from January 1st, 2015 thru St. Patrick's Day.  What a great way to ensure you get some daily activity during the cold, dark months in the beginning of the New Year!

If you break it down, you only need to walk about 1.32 miles a day.  You may be surprised to see you are already doing it, but if you focus on it, and track it, you may stay out longer and go even further! 

All types of walking counts - indoors, outdoors, hiking, walking the dog, or even walking on a treadmill.  You don't even have to do it all at once - as long as you hit the goal by March 17th. 

Tips:  For beginners:  Take a 5 minute walk / 3 times a day and you can get in a 15 minute mile.  If you are more advanced, challenge yourself to 5 miles a day!  The point is, as a community we can help each other to be healthier and happier by encouraging each other to get moving!  You may choose to use your Endomondo app, or log your activity manually.

There will be announcements on where the Final mile celebration will be held on St. Patrick's Day!

Getting Started:  Here is how to sign up online:  (You may also download the FREE app to a Smart Phone).

1.  Go to www.endomondo.com

2.  Sign Up or Log In.  (If you scroll down, you can also download the app to a smart phone and watch a brief videos on how to use it).

3.  Look at bar at top of screen and select “Challenges”.

4.  Select “Explore” on the top left under the name “endomondo”.

5.  Go about ½ way down the page to the “Search” field on the right and type in:  “Walk 100 Miles in 2015 by St. Patrick’s Day”.

6.  Click on the related item and join the challenge. 

7.  From this screen you may also share the challenge or invite others to join!

Once you have signed up, here are the instructions to log in and find the challenge:

1.  Go to https://www.endomondo.com/

2.  Log in.

3.  Look at bar at top of screen and select “Challenges”.

4.  Select “My Challenges” on the top left under the name “Endomondo”.

5.  All of your challenges will show up here.  Click on the related one.

*You will not be able to record your miles until the challenge begins on January 1st, 2015.

Once the challenge begins, you may track your miles on your own and manually enter them online, or if you downloaded the app, it will track your miles for you!

Don’t delay and let the Holiday’s get in the way – go ahead and sign up today!   

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