Pueblo Active Community Environments (P.A.C.E.)

Take 5 Challenge

What is Take 5?

It's a simple concept to Get Pueblo Moving!  Start with small changes for a healthier lifestyle. Whether you like to walk or bike, there's always time to apply the Take 5 concept.  For instance:

  • Take a 5 minute walk / ride
  • Take 5 more minutes each day to walk / ride further
  • Take 5 friends with you on a walk / ride
  • Take 5 laps around the block or park
  • Take a 5 mile walk / ride
  • ....You get the picture!

Random drawings for prizes will be drawn from Take 5 entries here. Tell us how you made a change, big or small  on  Tracker HERE 

As part of our Walk and Wheel Grant through the City of Pueblo, we have created prescription pads to distribute to health professionals, personal trainers, physical therapists, etc. to encourage walking or riding bicycles.  The RX to Walk and Rx to Ride prescriptions are broken down into 3 areas - Getting Started, Keep Going, and Bump It Up!   There are suggestions on how to tier up your activity, as well as, tips on walking or cycling.  Plus, there are suggestions of local groups you can exercise with!

Once you receive an RX to walk or RX to ride, you may click on the link and take a short survey for every day you follow through with your plan.  We will pick names for prizes periodically throughout the month.  (The more times you do it, the better your chances of winning).

Whether or not you are formally prescribed a walking or biking plan, we encourage you to Take 5 and get out there today!  

For information on how to receive prescription plans for distribution, contact Stephanie Chambers at stephanie.chambers@activepueblo.net.