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Spring At Last! Get Up and Move, Pueblo!

What a wild introduction to Spring this year with flash floods, sunshine, snow, wind, hail and even tornado warnings.  Despite the adverse weather at times, there are many exciting things going on in Pueblo!

Here are some of the highlights:

Have you seen our new Spring Marketing Campaign to "Get Pueblo Moving"?

As part of the Kaiser Permanente Walk and Wheel Grant, and with some assistance from another partial grant from the City-County Health Department, PACE and the City of Pueblo have been able to promote being more active in our community.  The Take 5 logo – which has a “walker” for the “K” (see the shoes and the head), and a biker with a head and bicycle wheel in the “5” (see below), encourages people to think about being active without making it so complicated.  For instance, just “take a 5 minute walk”, “bike for 5 minutes”, “bring 5 friends with you”, “take 5 flights of stairs” – you get the idea. 


Our goal is to foster more active living, walking and cycling for fun, fitness and transportation by promoting activity through rotating billboards, bus wraps, bus benches, interior bus cards, radio ads and other media.  The campaign runs April through October; the best months for active outdoor living.Over the winter months, PACE Chairperson, Kim Arline, and I held meetings with representatives from the Health Department including, Julie Kuhn, Project Coordinator-Health Disparities Grant with the Pueblo City-County Health Department, to plan the Spring Marketing Campaign.  Julie’s organization received a grant to support a non-profit company in the community, and we were very fortunate that PACE was selected to receive it to go towards part of the outdoor advertising expenses.  In addition, the Walk and Wheel Grant had funds budgeted specifically for marketing. 

Both major outdoor advertising companies we worked with, Lamar and Street Media, agreed to share the artwork which focuses on 3 main areas – walking (a picture of a dog with a leash in his mouth reminding people to walk), a Cruiser bicycle (advertising community events and rides), and "Is Sitting the New Smoking” to encourage people to get moving.  If you haven't seen one already, we hope you will - while you are being active enjoying the outdoors, of course!                                                           


National Bike Challenge and 6th Pueblo Commuter Cup:  Pueblo County is off to a great start in this year’s challenge!  So far, we have 95 participants who have tracked over 13,609 miles ridden total as of today before noon (May 28th)!  Anyone in Pueblo County is invited to set up an account online at https://nationalbikechallenge.org/  and select PACE as their local challenge host to track the miles they bicycle between now and the end of September.   There are options to sync to Smartphone apps, or just manually enter the miles you ride your bike outside for recreation and transportation, so you can sign up at anytime.  (Sorry, stationary bikes don’t count).  The challenge gives us a chance to gather important data for Pueblo to apply for grants to improve infrastructure and education. 

Plus, you can see how you compare to other individuals, workplaces, cities and states.   If you include your workplace, we use the numbers from May and June for Pueblo’s Commuter Cup.  Last year, we were able to demonstrate we had 235 participants in Pueblo County rode over 102,000 miles overall by the end of the challenge which meant Pueblo was 12th in the Nation per capita riding.   For more information on how to sign up, go to:  http://activepueblo.net/content/2015-commuter-cup-challenge.  Keep in mind, although the miles will be cumulative by the end of the challenge, the Leaderboards start over every month so all of May’s miles must be entered by 10:00 pm the last day of the month.  Right now it’s a close call for the most miles ridden in May....who will be first this month?


National Bike to Work – 5/13/2015         

Pueblo celebrated National Bike to Work Day a couple of days early this year so it wouldn’t conflict with the set up the Wild, Wild West Festival.  I was fortunate to have Rebecca Bersagel volunteer to help me set up that morning at 5:30 am and greet everyone who rode or walked by before 9am.  We had some cool swag like Take 5 logo water bottles, Bike to Work water bottles, pens, pencils, lights, bike locks, leg bands, water bottle cages and patch kits.  Plus, Starbucks on 4th Street donated 2 coffee Travelers, and the Donut Oven in Pueblo West gave us a discount on donuts and donut holes and had everything ready for us bright and early.  (Don’t worry, we had also had fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts and bottled water for healthier choices.  Extra points for the Pueblo Commuter Cup were awarded for anyone who signed in at the breakfast stop, or those who could not make it but let me know they biked to work that day. 

Colorado Bike to Work – 6/24/2015

Why does Colorado celebrate Bike to Work on the 4th Wednesday of the month every June when National Bike to Work Day is in May?

Good question!  Due to Colorado’s mountain communities and unpredictable weather (see my opening statement about the weather so far this Spring), the state legislature declared June as Colorado Bike Month.  So, if you missed out on the event in May, or simply want to do it again, you get another chance on June 24th from 6 am – 9 am. 

Celebrate biking for transportation, fun and health by hopping on your bikes and stopping by one or all 4 of the breakfast stations below for free refreshments and giveaways:

In addition to hosting a breakfast station, the Pueblo City-County Health Department donated some additional funds for bike to work which makes them a Bronze Active Partner this year!  Their station will be at their location at 101 W. 9th St.

There are also 3 other breakfast sponsors set up as follows:

Parkview Medical Center:   In the grassy area across from the Greenwood entrance.

St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center:  On front patio by the black windows.

Pueblo West Chamber of Commerce:  By Legacy Bank at Spaulding and McCulloch in Pueblo West.

Extra points will be awarded for the Pueblo Commuter Cup as part of the National Bike Challenge for every location you visit.  Don’t forget to sign in!  (If you cannot make it due to your schedule, but still bike to work, let me know and I will give you the extra points too).  After all, your job that day is to be seen moving on a bicycle in Pueblo!  For more information, or to print a flyer, go to:  http://activepueblo.net/content/2015-bike-work-events

AMR Safety Jam - 5/30/2015

Don’t miss Pueblo’s 3rd Annual AMR Safety Jam this Saturday, May 30th from 10 am – 6 pm at City Park! Registration starts at 9 am.  This is a free, fun festival aimed and kids and families that promotes and educates the public on safety and safe practices.  Bring your bicycles, skateboards and helmets if you’d like to ride.  (All bikes must have working brakes).  Helmet giveaways on a first come/first serve basis, plus drawings for bicycles, skateboards and other great prizes. 

There will also be presentations this year under a big tent.  PACE is scheduled first from 11:10 – 11:40 to talk about “Get A Move On, Pueblo”.  Plus, PACE and the YMCA are co-sponsoring a fun kids bicycle course where kids will get to ride or have races through obstacles on our course.  This is a fun way for them to pick up some safety tips from the seat of their bicycles.  We hope to see parents or guardians being engaged in this process so they can help reinforce what the kids are learning after the event.  (Don’t worry if you don’t have a bike – we have a few loaners on hand which can be used that morning).   We will be set up on the road between the skateboard park and the pond.  Come on by and say hello and check it out!

You don’t want to miss a great day with the family checking out over 30 fun, educational exhibits, free food and live music.  There will be several signed areas pointing out designated parking areas and shuttle buses will be available to bring people closer to the activities if needed.  For more information, go to https://www.facebook.com/safetyjampueblo

Colorado City Library – Ride and Seek Bicycle Scavenger Hunt 6/6/2015               

Yes, you read this correctly!  The Greenhorn Valley Library in Colorado City, CO is hosting a “Ride and Seek Scavenger Hunt” on Saturday, June 6th from 4 pm – 6 pm.  This is a self-paced, two hour bike ride.  Explore the neighborhood; win prizes for finding and photographing items on a scavenger list.  Children must be accompanied by an adult.  For more information, call the Greenhorn Valley Library at 719-562-5600.  Or, print the flyer from:  http://activepueblo.net/content/2015-events.

Free Basic Bicycle Maintenance Class – 6/11/2015

How would you like to learn some basic bicycle maintenance so you can be a more independent rider?  Nick’s Bikes (74 Component Drive) in Pueblo West will be offering a free, basic bicycle maintenance class on Thursday, June 11th from 5:30pm to 6:30pm.  The class course will include changing tires, flat repair, cleaning, lubricating drive train, brake adjustment and basic derailleur adjustment.  Please preregister for the class so they can determine the class size and enable them to have the proper amount of supplies and instructors to teach the class.  Upon completing class participants will receive 10% off accessories and $10 off tune up.   Please RSVP at Nick’s Bike Shop at 719-647-1150.

New & Improved - Cruisin’ Pueblo Rides – Every Thursday through the end of September

Did you know PACE has taken over leading and organizing the Cruisin’ Pueblo rides this year?  This family friendly ride starts gathering at 6 pm every Thursday at Bingo Burger through the end of September and rides rain or shine.  There are announcements at 6:15 pm and the ride starts promptly at 6:30 pm.  Most of the rides are between 4 – 8 miles round trip and no one is left behind.  This year, the last ride of every month is set up to be a faster, longer ride, but there are still options to turn around earlier for those who would like that option.   All participants sign a liability form for themselves (and as guardians if they bring their kids) and ride at their own risk.  We follow the rules of the road and change the routes weekly. If you sign in and go on 5 rides before July, you will get entered in a drawing to win a $600 Cruiser bike generously donated by Vance’s Bicycle World!  Plus, anyone who goes on the ride and purchases food from Bingo Burger will get additional entries into the prize drawing.  Bingo Burger offers a 10% discount and 50 cents off beer for all riders the day of the ride – just make sure you let them know you were one of the Cruiser’s that night!   So far, we had up to 40 riders.   If you would like to volunteer to lead a ride or help with a ride, just let me know.  Come on out and join the fun!

More Events:

Last, but not least, there are many groups providing fun ways to walk, run or ride bikes every week around Pueblo which may be found on our events page at:  http://activepueblo.net/calendar.  If you know of anything you would like us to add to the calendar or promote, just let us know!

Walk and Roll, 

Stephanie Chamber

Bike and Pedestrian Coordinator / City of Pueblo