Pueblo Active Community Environments (P.A.C.E.)


When there is not adequate space for a bike lane but a road is used as a bike route and posted speed is 35 mph or less, a sharrow is a federally approved way to mark the road to highlight to cars to look out for cyclists and to show cyclists where they should ride to be visible to avoid crashes with motor vehicles.



A sharrow pavement marking should have a "Share the Road" or "Cyclist May Use Full Lane" sign posted also.  All too often "Share the Road" is misunderstood as "Share the Lane" by motorists but that is not the case with Sharrow lanes.  These lanes are too narrow (less than 14 feet wide) for a car and bicycle to safely share the lane side by side.  So both cars and bikes use the full lane, one in front or back of the other, NOT side by side.