Pueblo Active Community Environments (P.A.C.E.)

Bike Lane Etiquette

We must all do our part as motorists and cyclists to use the new bike facilities correctly to keep everyone safe and happy on the roads. In September 2014, Pueblo had 10.25 miles of  new bike lanes and 1.7 miles of additional sharrows installed.  Here are some tips for drivers and cyclists to safely share the road.

Watch this video for driving near and riding in bike lane 


Buffered bike lanes



Motorists ask if they can drive in the bike lane. 

  • NOT as a travel lane to pass another car or cruise down the road.
  • Yes, you may cross to park, turn into a driveway or make a turn. 
  • BUT always yield to traffic already in a lane you want to enter or cross, just like any other lane on the road.  So look back for bikes in the bike lane that may be coming up behind you.  

What do the dotted lines mean?

They highlight potential conflict zones to make motorists and cyclists more aware to look out for one another. 


2-Way Bike Lanes on 5th Street - Demonstration Project

The City of Pueblo has received a grant for a demonstration project in Pueblo to install a half-mile of 2-way bicycle lanes!  The bike lanes and parking layout is a new concept for our City, being implemented by the Public Works Transportation Department in conjunction with Pueblo Active Community Environments, and grants from Kaiser Permanente.

PURPOSE:   Currently, 4th St. (State Highway 96) is a national bike route for the country.  Due to the congestion of 4th St. an alternative route is being provided on 5th Street to get bicycles through downtown.  Additionally, the City is working toward the goal of providing alternative transportation options to our community and to increase the connectivity to other bicycle facilities, businesses, parks and trails.  

BIKE LANES:  The bike lanes will be on 5th Street from Elizabeth Street to Bradford Avenue.  The bike lanes will function with both an eastbound lane and a westbound lane on the south side of 5th Street.

PARKING:  Parking is on the north side of the bike lanes approximately 10 feet off the curb line and are marked.  The time limited parking wil still exist and the signage will remain posted on the sidewalk.


Pedestrians:  Look both ways before crossing bike lane to your car or across the street.

Bicycles:  Travel in lane for your direction of travel.  Follow traffic signals when to safely cross the street.  Red means stop for bikes also!  Signal turns, look both ways and back before crossing other lanes.  Yield to traffic already close in that lane.  Yield to oncoming traffic before turning right when traveling East.  

Parking:  On-street parking is still available on both sides of 5th St.  Cars do not have to cross the bike lane to park so bicycles and motorists have less conflict.  Park only in designated spots.

Driving Through:  Two travel lanes are maintained the length of 5th St.  This street only carries 1800 cars per 24 hours.  One vehicle lane can accommodate 1600 cars per hour so there is still excess capacity on this.  

Green Bars = Conflict Zones:  Both cars and bicycles need to be more cautious around green bars which show driveways and conflict zones.

See attachment to print 2-sided flyer.

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