Pueblo Active Community Environments (P.A.C.E.)

2015 Commuter Cup Challenge

The 6th Annual Pueblo Commuter Cup Challenge joins the 2015 National Bike Challenge again to put Pueblo on the map!

  • Join the National Bike Challenge  (PeopleforBikes is a new sponsor this year but it looks similar to last year's challenge-you can also use Endomondo, Map My Ride or Strava to download data!) and your data will automatically be included in the "Pueblo County community challenge" if you register under a valid Pueblo County zip code.
  • First person at your worksite to register will be the company team leader.  All they have to do is share the correct spelling of the worksite team and promote the challenge to others to join. 
  • You can also start a social team with friends, family, club or team members. Again, the first person to register is the team leader. An interesting rivalry to watch will be Southern Colorado Triathlon Club vs. Cruisin' Pueblo team. 

    Local RESULTS of the 2013 Challenge and 2014 Challenge!

National Bike Challenge advantages:

  • Quick, easy online data submission that updates statistics every few minutes! 
  • Smart phone app from Endmondo makes data tracking and submission super easy!
  • Tracks miles ridden on bicycle outdoors.  It does not count indoor trainers, spinning bikes-get outside and ride!  Each day you can submit miles for traveling (commuting-not using a car to go somewhere), sport or mountain biking or all three if you do all three!  Each day you ride earns 20 points plus one point for every mile ridden.  
  • Website displays distance ridden, how many calories burned, how many dollars and CO2 saved for commute trips by individual, worksite, team and community.
  • Click on the "LeaderBoard" at the top and you can easily view other participant data, team data, worksite data and community data!
  • It's FREE and participants are eligible for national prizes as well as local prizes! 
  • Allows for fun, friendly competition locally and nationally!  Will also provide much needed data for pursuing grants for improvements for cycling in Pueblo County.  Pueblo will compete against similar demographic communities for a $500 bicycle advocacy grant so your data matters! This data is very difficult to capture to show state, county and city leaders people really do ride here and funding for bicycle infrastructure is a wise and necessary investment.

Local Pueblo County Challenge:   Local challenge will emphasize commuting in May and June (National and Colorado Bike months) with point system shown below.  But monthly prizes will continue July through September as random drawings based on total points and other options to spread the cycling cheer and thank participants for riding and submitting data.  

May and June local challenge point system:   Individuals and worksites compete for the most points based on Commute miles submitted and participation at Bike to Work events. 

  • Pueblo Commuter Cup Point system (we can only download total miles, duration, calories, trips, points, CO2 savings, dollars saved, cannot download commute miles specifically):
    • 1 point for every dollar saved on gas because you rode those miles instead of drove a car.  Not sure what the national website formula is for "dollars saved" but appears based on number commute trips and miles (savings seems quite exaggerated but will still provide consistent and fair comparison between commuting participants. Data tests roughly equal just under 0.5 points per commute mile).
    • 5 points for signing in at Bike to Work on Wednesday, May 13th
    • 5 points for signing in at each breakfast stop on Colorado Bike to Work Day on June 24th.
    • 0.1 points for total points accrued on the national challenge:  we want to include all cyclists and realize not everyone has the opportunity or schedule allowing them to commute to work, the store or library.  You earn 20 points each day you ride and a point for every mile ridden so points add up quickly.
  • Three divisions of companies compete for the traveling trophy and individual awards and prizes just like in previous years.  
  • Worksite Teams are divided into three divisions based on the number of employees.  A team leader needs to be identified to provide some team support, deliver prizes and provide employer demographics.  Email kim@activepueblo.net to connect your team to the local challenge.

 Follow the rules of the road and walk/ride at your own risk agreeing to this liability waiver.