Bike/Walk to Work

Events and Registration for 2014!  

When is Bike Month and Bike to Work Day?

  • National Bike Month is MAY with a designated "Bike Week" and that Friday as "Bike to Work" day. 
  • Colorado Bike Month is JUNE with the 4th Wednesday designated as a "Bike to Work" day. 
  • Pueblo uses both months for  Bike/Walk to Work events which includes the Commuter Cup Challenge before it gets too hot, two bike to work days and opportunities to walk, ride and become more active.

Why Promote Bike to Work Events?

  • One out of five people that try biking to work on a sponsored bike to work day, becomes a regular bike commuter. 
  • Promoting bike to work events encourages people to reconsider their transportation choices and shows them how feasible bike commuting can be and they really can leave the car at home more often.
  • There really is a benefit to "safety in numbers."  Studies show that increased ridership leads to fewer crashes between cars and bicycles.  When motorists are used to seeing cyclists, they start looking out for them more.
  • But you don't have to wait until spring each year to bike to work. Try it anytime of the year! Use the resources available here and give it a try.