Pueblo Active Community Environments (P.A.C.E.)

iShare the Road Ambassadors

Help make Pueblo streets safer and friendly by promoting the "iShare the Road" campaign to your friends, family, coworkers or at a special event.  A handful of volunteers can't reach all the people this message needs to reach.  It takes ALL of us to change the culture of our streets so we all feel welcome and safe being active and healthy.

Ambassadors can help in any and all of the following ways:

  • First, take the pledge of "iShare the Road" 
  • Like us on Facebook and promote and share items posted by the campaign to your friends and pages on Facebook or tweet about the campaign.
  • Have your friends, family and coworkers take the online pledge. You can get credit for recruiting these people for more prizes if you ask them to fill in your name under "Other" when they answer where they heard about it.
  • Pick up an 'iShare the Road" kit at the City Transporation office on 350 Alan Hamel Ave. across from the Riverwalk Pike Plaza.  The kit includes 14 sets of bookmarks, tiny Share the Road and know the law pamphlets, bike or notebook stickers, bumber stickers and a sign up roster.  Please help the campaign and enter those sign ups online for us so we can track our impact, find out who is taking the pledge and see if they want to be added to our mailing list.